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The Fogg's Water Taxi & Charter Story

Welcome to Fogg’s Water Taxi and Charters, a family-owned Maine business serving the islands of Casco Bay. Our story began in 2004 when Dennis Fogg built the first Foggcraft – custom welded aluminum alloy boats celebrated for their timeless design, smooth rides, and durability. With sons Patrick and Eben by his side, the Foggs expanded the business, starting the water taxi in 2016.

More than just a mode of transportation, Fogg’s Water Taxi and Charters offers an unparalleled experience that captures the essence of Casco Bay’s beauty. Join us on one of our classic vessels as we take you on memorable journeys to the islands, where nature’s wonders meet authentic Maine charm. Whether it’s a public charter or a private excursion for your special moments, we welcome you to immerse yourself in the magic of Casco Bay with our family’s cherished business.

Our Mission

Our mission at Water Taxi & Charter is to provide reliable, safe, and efficient transportation from Portland to the Casco Bay Islands.  We serve as a vital connection for Casco Bay islanders, offering dependable and honest services to our local community. We are committed to sharing the unparalleled beauty and rich maritime history of Casco Bay with our charter services. Our passion for boating and the sea drives us to provide experiences that showcase the best of our home waters. We strive to make every journey with us a memorable one, whether it’s a routine water taxi service or an extraordinary charter adventure in one of the world’s most beautiful bays.

Our Team


Eben Fogg

Eben grew up on boats in Casco Bay and graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a degree in economics and finance. His love for the outdoors and being on the water drove him to work for the family business, Fogg’s Boatworks, and eventually to start Fogg’s Water Taxi and Charters alongside his father and brother.

Elaina Fogg
Elaina’s journey from wildlife biology to the sea began with a thirst for adventure, leading her to leave her North Carolina roots for the rugged coast of Maine. Joining the crew of a historic boat at the Maine Wharf, she quickly integrated into the maritime community, rising from deckhand to earn her 100-ton captain’s license. Now a vital part of Fogg’s Water Taxi and Charters, Elaina seamlessly manages operations, captains vessels, and assists clients in planning customized charters. With her extensive experience and boundless enthusiasm, she’s not just a captain but a trusted guide for those seeking maritime escapades in Maine’s picturesque waters
Pat Fogg
Pat is a 5th generation captain, born in Portland and raised in Maine. He spent his childhood on boats in Casco Bay. His passion for the outdoors and boats led him to pursue a degree in boat building and design from The Boat School in Eastport, Maine. Now he has the fortune of working alongside his family designing and building aluminum alloy boats and operating the water taxi and charter company.
Dennis Fogg

Born and raised in Maine, Dennis has spent his whole life on Casco Bay. He began boating in his youth when he and his brother lobstered out of South Freeport. After earning a degree from The Boat School in Eastport, he started Fogg’s Boatworks LLC in 1984. He has had the pleasure of growing the boat-building business with his sons and eventually teaming up with them to start Fogg’s Water Taxi and Charters.

Steadfast Staff

Catherine Corey

Catherine was raised in Yarmouth, ME, and grew up with Casco Bay as her playground. She received her Captain’s license to follow her passion for being on the water and has volunteered in the USCG Auxiliary Sector Northern New England. She has a deep connection with the water, the islands, and the islanders that goes beyond the taxi service.

Steve Lazaros

Steve is a USCG master Captain and licensed Maine Guide with 40 years of boating experience. He spends his days as a semi-retired healthcare executive and water taxi captain. In his free time, Steve enjoys fishing and boating. He currently lives and works on Casco Bay.

Will Jorgensen

Will grew up sailing on Casco Bay. He is a graduate of Portland High School and currently attends Bowdoin College. He got his Captain’s license at age 17 and is in his fourth season with Fogg’s.

Paul Mentag

Originally from Michigan, Paul served five years in the Coast Guard before attending Northeastern University in Boston. There, he worked summers at a yacht club. After a 35-year career as a global leadership consultant, he earned his 100-ton Masters license and joined the Fogg crew in 2021. Paul loves sailing, biking, and everything water-related.

Jake Birks

Jake has lived, worked, and played on Casco Bay for the last 28 years. He and his wife, Peggie, have raised five amazing children to have a real appreciation for the beauty, power, and fragility of our home waters. A former Coast Guard navigator, Jake holds a 100-ton Near Coastal Master Captain’s license and loves his work on the water.

Chris Holt

Chris is from Brewer, ME, and grew up sailing on the Maine coast with his uncle out of Round Pond and on the lakes with his father. Chris is a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy. He holds a USCG unlimited mates license and a USCG 100-ton Master’s license. Before joining the Fogg’s team, Chris worked as a deck officer and navigator in the merchant marines.

Why We're Portland, Maine's Best Water Taxi

Fogg’s Water Taxi stands out as the premier choice in Portland, Maine, due to our deep-rooted maritime legacy and unparalleled commitment to service. Originating from a lineage of passionate boaters, we provide a unique blend of expertise and local knowledge. Our fleet, equipped with the latest navigation tools, ensures a safe and punctual journey. Our custom boats are built specifically for guest enjoyment and feature bathrooms for your convenience. Our crew, especially seasoned sailors like Paul, brings years of experience on the water, ensuring each voyage is memorable. Whether you’re planning an island adventure or a private charter, Fogg’s guarantees an unmatched experience. Trust in our tradition; ride in comfort with the best.

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