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Private Boat Charters in Portland, Maine

Headquartered in the heart of downtown Portland, Maine, we offer a wide array of charter experiences tailored to your needs. Those seeking a more intimate experience will find our small boat charters ideal; our small boat charters are perfect for a tour of Casco Bay, see the lighthouses from the water, or get to a more remote island for a dinner reservation.

For events on a larger scale, from corporate events to family gatherings, our larger vessels, the Casco Bay Cat and the Joseph S. Kennedy, offer room for relaxation. Every boat in our fleet is meticulously custom-built to ensure an unforgettable voyage. Curious about what we offer? Dive deeper into the details below to find the charter best fit for you.

Small Group Private Boat Charters

Our small group private charters are an intimate way to explore the wonders of Casco Bay. Catering to groups of up to six, to do almost anything. Enjoy the gorgeous scenery, explore the sights of Casco Bay, get up close to local wildlife, and so much more. These charters are also perfect for occasions such as memorials or ash scatterings at sea.

With same-day reservations available, we offer flexible and accommodating service. Please note we need at least two days’ notice to offer a full refund of your deposit for a small group charter.

Experience the tranquility of Maine’s coastline, from hidden coves to iconic Maine lighthouses, aboard our well-appointed vessels like Gizzy or Casco Bay Cat. These charters promise a blend of natural beauty and personalized attention, ensuring a memorable experience along Portland Harbor.

Large Group Private Charter Boats

Our large group charters aboard the Casco Bay Cat and the Joseph S. Kennedy offer the perfect setting for significant events. We take pride in being a trusted partner in transportation for island weddings. We’re able to work with the bridal party, vendors, guests, etc. to make a really seamless experience for the entire wedding weekend. Our vessels can comfortably host up to 49 guests, providing an ideal backdrop for unforgettable celebrations. If you need to cancel your booking for any reason, we ask that you do so with a month’s notice to recover your full deposit.

Each charter on the Casco Bay Cat and UB-85 is equipped with modern amenities, including a stellar sound system and convenient bathroom facilities. Perfect for everything from birthdays to corporate events, our large group charters offer a unique blend of luxury and adventure in the heart of Casco Bay.  Meanwhile, charters on the Joseph S. Kennedy from our on-board liquor service and the large capacity of the vessel.

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Private Boat Charters in Portland, Maine

Embark on a maritime adventure with Fogg’s Water Taxi & Charter from Portland Harbor to some of the most enchanting destinations in Casco Bay. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you using our water taxi service:

Located on the scenic shores of Basin Point in South Harpswell, this family-operated venue is increasingly becoming a popular destination for our private charters, both large and small. Renowned for its Maine coastal fare, the restaurant offers an exquisite dining experience featuring lobster dinners, local seafood, and hand-cut steaks, complemented by panoramic views of Casco Bay and its islands.

Embark on a maritime adventure with Fogg’s Water Taxi & Charter from Portland Harbor to some of the most enchanting destinations in Casco Bay. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you using our water taxi service:

A 20-minute trip takes you to Great Diamond Island, where history and modern luxuries blend seamlessly. Explore the island’s military past or dine at its fine restaurants.

Approximately 20 minutes away, Long Island offers serene beaches and a peaceful environment, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and nature walks.

Just a 30-minute ride, Chebeague Island is a slice of traditional Maine life. It’s great for golfing, beach activities, and exploring local history.

A 35-minute charter brings you to Cliff Island, one of the smallest year-round islands in Casco Bay, offering a quiet, off-the-beaten-path experience.

Around 1 hour away, Jewell Island is perfect for camping enthusiasts and adventure-seekers, with its historic remnants and natural beauty.

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