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We offer year-round transportation to the islands of Casco Bay. All taxis are reservation-based, and we do accept same-day reservations, which can be made by phone.


A map of our destinations can be found below. Not sure where to travel? Check out our trip ideas page for inspiration.


Use the fare calculator below to calculate the cost of your trip. All fares are a one-way flat rate for up to six people, though we reserve the right to add other parties to your boat.

Fare Calculator

Island Hot Spots

Diamond Cove

Diamond Cove is a great choice for a date night or a memorable dinner on the bay. Boasting two outstanding restaurants and a welcoming hotel, it offers something for everyone. To cap off your visit, book your return at sunset for an unforgettable view.

Jewell Island

Jewell Island, a serene uninhabited gem just 8 miles from Portland Harbor, beckons adventurers. Embrace the wilderness by camping under the stars, and consider climbing its historic submarine towers for an unmatched view of Casco Bay.

Peaks Island

Peaks Island is a great day trip with its inviting beaches and vibrant local scene. Rent a bike or golf cart and explore the island, check out historical forts, take a plunge off the pier, or have a meal at one of the restaurants just a short trip from our dock.

Fort Gorges

Fort Gorges, a relic from the 1800s, offers a journey back in time. Visitors should time their trip with the tide to ensure easy access. Within its weathered walls, you can explore the fort’s old rooms and passageways.

Long Island

Long Island is another serene destination in Casco Bay. It offers tranquil beaches, beautiful walking trails, and a peaceful retreat from the hustle of daily life. This island is perfect for those looking for a quiet day of exploration and relaxation.


Best way to island hop! While on vacation on PI, we decided to take a day trip Cheabegue. Since the ferry times didn’t align we decided to use a water taxi. Fogg’s was great! The online fare calculator made is super easy to figure out pricing and their customer service (phone agent both captains) were top notch. Skip the ferry and book with Fogg’s!


Chartered a boat for my graduation party, had the best time! great crew, beautiful boat, had great setup and bluetooth speakers for music on the boat. Had the best day!


Called up after we missed the ferry to Peak’s and wanted to make it in time for lunch. The guys were able to find us a ride over and for five adults, it was definitely worth the price. Very friendly and professional with a well-seasoned captain! Will be back!


We had such a great time on the Beer, Wine, and Oysters cruise! They had unlimited drinks and oysters for our 2hr cruise around the bay. Great sights and met a really nice family that we chatted with for a while. If you’re hesitant for any reason, just book it! You will 100% enjoy your time. The Joseph S. Kennedy is a really cool boat with a great historical background.

Have Questions? We Have Answers

Please visit our detailed FAQ page for answers to many common questions. If you prefer direct assistance, you need a different question answered, or you want to book a ride, please feel free to contact us!