Maine Island Trip Ideas

Not sure where to travel? We've got you covered!

We offer a wide array of island excursions tailored to your preferences. For those keen on exploring nearby destinations, Peaks Island and Diamond Cove are just a stone’s throw away from Portland, Maine. For the more adventurous, consider an overnight stay on an island, with camping options available on the secluded beaches of Little Chebeague or picturesque Jewell Island.

If you’re pressed for time or looking for a brief escape, our short excursions are perfect; perhaps an all-inclusive oyster cruise or a quick trip across the harbor to check out Bug Light. Our goal is to help you experience Portland Harbor and Casco Bay at your own pace, ensuring you experience the best the region offers. Whether you’re interested in a full-fledged Charter or just a quick tour, we’re here to facilitate your island adventure.

Day Trips in Casco Bay

Fort Gorges

Fort Gorges, a relic from the 1800s, offers a journey back in time. Visitors should time their trip with the tide to ensure easy access. Within its weathered walls, you can explore the fort’s old rooms and passageways. Please note this trip must be booked day of.

Bug Light Park

Bug Light, situated just across the harbor in South Portland, offers visitors a picturesque lighthouse setting. Often, you’ll find people flying kites against the coastal backdrop, adding a playful touch to the historic landmark. A quick jaunt across the harbor from Portland, it’s a perfect spot for a leisurely day out.

Peaks Island

Peaks Island is a great day trip with its inviting beaches and vibrant local scene. Rent a bike or golf cart and explore the island, check out historical forts, take a plunge off the pier, or have a meal at one of the restaurants, just a short trip from our dock.

Saltwater Grille

Saltwater Grille is a mere stone’s throw across the harbor from Portland. This restaurant has an outdoor deck where guests can view panoramic waterfront views overlooking downtown Portland. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed lunch or a delightful dinner, Saltwater Grille stands out as a great destination.

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Portland, Maine, Island Excursions

Jewell Island

Jewell Island, a serene uninhabited gem 8 miles from Portland Harbor, beckons adventurers. Embrace the wilderness by camping under the stars, and consider climbing its historic submarine towers for an unmatched view of Casco Bay.

Little Chebeague

Little Chebeague Island is an uninhabited gem encircled by pristine beaches. Perfect for beachgoers and campers alike, it offers an authentic escape to the serenity of the Maine coastline.

Diamond Cove

Diamond Cove is a great choice for a date night or a memorable dinner on the bay. Boasting two outstanding restaurants, Crown Jewel and Diamond’s Edge Restaurant, plus the welcoming Diamond Cove Inn, it offers something for everyone. To cap off your visit, book your return at sunset for an unforgettable view.

Great Chebeague

Great Chebeague Island beckons travelers with its distinctive charm. Positioned a touch further from the hustle, this island oasis boasts an inviting hotel and a great restaurant. For those seeking leisure, the island’s golf course promises an engaging experience against a backdrop of stunning vistas.

Long Island

Long Island is not to be confused with the famous New York Island of the same name. Maine’s Long Island is a small community and only lightly developed. In this serene space, you can find gems like Ivy Hall Gifts Shop or Byers & Sons Long Island Bakehouse.

Looking For a Unique Experience? Try a Narrated Maine Island Tour!

Join us for a narrated tour of Maine’s enchanting islands. Our knowledgeable captains bring to life the rich history and diverse marine wildlife of Casco Bay. Learn about the historical significance of each island, the natural habitat of local fauna, and the fascinating stories that shape Maine’s coastal legacy. This concise yet comprehensive tour is an ideal way to deepen your appreciation of Maine’s maritime heritage and the natural beauty of its islands.